About Us

DICENTRA Ltd was founded in Osijek, Croatia in 1994., as a wholesale distribution company specialized in import, distribution and representation of both food and non-food segment.

Company History

Over the years Dicentra Ltd became a main representative for various manufacturers and brands such as: Ulker, Buitoni, Philips, Chupa Chups, Chio Chips, Bambi, Crvenka, Kervan, Gizeh, Mentos, Pez and etc.

At the end of 2016., Dicentra expanded its business and invested in PEVEX Plc, a non-food goods retail chain. Over the five-year period Dicentra Ltd became the second largest shareholder with 14,4% of Pevex shares.

At the beginning of 2021, Dicentra Ltd moved company’s headquarters to Zagreb, and we are currently specialized in real estate business, and import, distribution and representation of food supplements.


Jurica Lovrinčević is an experienced entrepreneur with a long history in retail industry. Skilled in leadership, management (sales, general, operational, project), entrepreneurship, business strategy and planning, negotiation and market research.

His career started in 1994 with Dicentra Ltd, company specialized in FMCG. As a company owner he was directly involved in constant growth of the company and positioning it as one of the top distributor companies in Croatia.

Along with Dicentra, Mr. Lovrinčević was appointed CEO at Filir Ltd in November 2000. Here, he managed the company’s activities on being a representative of renowned multinational companies, importing and distributing goods and connecting them with Croatian market, with focus on both food and non-food segment.
Brands distributed: Philips, Chupa Chups, Energizer, Gizeh, Black and Decker, Aleva, Arcor…

In 2014 Filir Ltd. Purchased Bobi snacks Ltd, a popular Croatian brand in salty snacks, and appointed Mr. Lovrinčević as a CEO, where he managed this popular Croatian brand and positioned it as one of the strongest snack-food products in Croatia.

In 2016. Mr. Lovrinčević and partners became majority shareholders in Pevex Plc, largest Croatian non-food retail chain which currently has 26 stores in Croatia. Mr. Lovrinčević was appointed CEO in October 2016. and started a complete reconstruction and rebranding of the company.

After finishing his CEO mandate (2021.) and undertaking a successful reconstruction of the company which resulted in increased profitability, customer and employee satisfaction and achieving a sustainable business model for the company, Mr. Lovrinčević set off at another direction once again and returned to entrepreneurial waters of his family-owned business, Dicentra Ltd.
Mr. Lovrinčević remains holding 23% of shares in Pevex Plc company both private and through Dicentra Ltd.